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Endless adventure possibilities at low prices in the most beautiful European cities

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Are you an au pair, Erasmus student, expat, international trainee or exchange student in Germany? Why not make the most of your stay and travel during your travel?

A stay abroad is an incredible chance to learn a new language, discover new cultures and meet new friends from all over the world. It is also an opportunity to develop yourself, to grow, to become more independent, to find new passions and to gain confidence.

But above all, a stay abroad is a unique chance to travel off the beaten track, open your mind and discover the world - and what better place to do this than Germany!

Europe has an incredible cultural diversity, and as a resident in Germany, you can enjoy the proximity to the Europe's most beautiful cities at a low cost to immerse yourself in this exciting cultural melting pot.

A short stay in London, a weekend in Amsterdam, a few days in Vienna or Paris, a week in Prague or Copenhagen... The possibilities for adventure are endless.


Our recommandations for May: selection of our best city trips for this summer

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Visiting European cities in summer will allow you to make the most of their exteriors: parks and terraces, cycling, beaches, relaxing strolls through the charming lanes or along the great rivers of Europe... Summer is the perfect time to explore these cities and their surroundings.

Allow yourself a moment of relaxation on a boat trip on the Amsterdam's canals, let yourself be enchanted by the architecture of Copenhagen, watch the sunset on the steps of the Sacré Coeur in Paris, experience the pub crawl tradition in London...

We have selected for you our best July offers for stays rich in discoveries, encounters and learning in the most beautiful European cities to spice up your experience abroad on a small budget. 

Transport, accommodation, excursions... You choose, we organise everything! Would you rather discover the city on your own and organise your excursions yourself? At MANGO Tours, the rule is always: Only those who want to, join in!

Do you want to discover new horizons while remaining immersed in the German culture?

Kein Problem! On our tours, you will be immersed in a group with German people, and you will benefit from the valuable tipps of our German guide. So you can continue to learn and have fun at the same time!

Who are we?

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We are passionate about travel and have been experts in the field for 20 years. We are committed to offering quality stays and services for small budgets – everyone should have the possibility to travel!

Whether it's a family wishing to enjoy the summer in an all-inclusive holiday club, a copple of students wanting to celebrate their diploma, a groupe of friends wishing to party on Europe's most festive party beaches, a couple wishing to spend a romantic holiday in one of Europe's most beautiful cities... At Mango Tours there is something for everyone. And our service providers, teamers, guides and office colleagues always do their best to ensure that our guests return home with stars in their eyes and memories in their heads.

We are now proposing our services to foreign people based in Germany who would like to travel while remaining immersed in a German environment, so they can continue to learn while discovering new horizons and make the most of their adventure abroad!


Mango Teamerin in Paris vor den Vorhängeschlössern vom Sacré-Coeur

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Zu unseren MANGO Reisetipps
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